How to Offer a Miracle Gratitude Prayer on Dual Chanukah-Thanksgiving Holiday


chanukah and thanksgiving on same dayThanksgiving is a day of gratitude. Chanukah is a day of miracles. What happens when they both fall on the same day?

You get to experience the miracle of gratitude.

The Most Powerful Prayer

Gratitude serves as the strongest prayer you can offer. So, when you offer a prayer filled with heartfelt thanks on Chanukah, a time when Jewish mystics say we have access to the energy of miracles, the possibility of your prayer being answered increases.

Too often we stay focused on what we don’t have or don’t like. We feel we have nothing for which to be grateful. We think our lives suck and we are stuck. This prevents us from getting our prayers answered at any time. It keeps us locked out of feeling grateful for anything we do have or receive–the good things in our lives and the places were movement and growth happen. We don’t see small miracles or experience them—even if they occur.

The Miracle Gratitude Prayer

Here is a formula for gratitude prayers that can help you access the miracle energy of Chanukah on Thanksgiving–or anytime.

Imagine good things are coming your way and offer a prayer of gratitude for those amazing things you desire—the ones that haven’t quite manifested yet but that you know are coming and you can feel, taste, smell, hear, or see already. When you pray with this type of faith and belief, you send a powerful message to God that you know your prayer will be answered. You expect it to be answered. It’s like showing up dressed in a raincoat and carrying an umbrella at a gathering where everyone plans to pray for rain.

End your prayer with “Amen,” which means “So it is.” That tells God you know your prayer has been granted. More faith.

Now, if you can pray in this manner at a time when you can access the energy of miracles, such as during the eight days of Chanukah….Viola! It’s a recipe for…well…miracles!

Extra Energy on From Dual Holiday

Happy ThanksgivingEvery holiday has its own energy. Thanksgiving is a vortex of powerful prayers of gratitude. So many people thinking about and voicing their gratitude all at once…

Take advantage of that energy  and offer your miracle gratitude prayer when you have both the dual holiday energy of Thanksgiving and Chanukah to give it a boost! Take advantage of the opportunity presented from Wednesday night, November 27, 2013, when Chanukah starts at sundown until Thursday night, when Thanksgiving ends to offer your gratitude. Then watch for your miracles to happen.

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