Birth Script: The Importance of How You Were Born

baby at birthI celebrated my birthday about a week ago. Several other people I know on Facebook shared the same birthday, and one asked me at what time I was born. I started thinking about my birth…why I was born in the morning…and my birth script.

So much has been written about things like birth order, but, in truth, how you were born is a much more interesting aspect of birth to study. It has so much to do with how you live your life and why.

Birth Decisions

My birth was induced, but I wasn’t induced because of issues with the labor process. My mother had two children at home already and wanted to be sure they were cared for while she was in the hospital giving birth to me. Thus, I was induced for convenience.

This might sound thoughtless or unfeeling, but from her point of view it simply was practical to bring me into the world at a specific time and on a particular day.

On a subconscious level, induction affected me greatly. My little baby mind made some big decisions:

  • I wasn’t allowed to be born on my own time, in my own way.
  • I wasn’t allowed to be born when I was good and ready.
  • I had to enter this world when someone else said it was my time to arrive.

Life by Induction

That event and the decisions I made around it affected how I handle many things in my day-to-day life. In particular, I hate to be told when to do anything.

As you might imagine, this means I’m late…quite often.

If someone tells me to do something that I don’t want to do, I put it off until the last minute. If I have to be somewhere, and it is for something unpleasant, like a doctor’s appointment, I do not leave on time.

Even if I would like to be on time for an appointment or an event, if I have to stop doing something else I enjoy to accomplish a timely arrival, I will end up not leaving on time and being late. Or sometimes, even if it doesn’t mean stopping something I enjoy, I’m late anyway.

I can find many ways to be late, even doing chores I should have done hours before I’m supposed to walk out the door.

Basically, I resist doing anything on other people’s time—even when I create the appointment. I just don’t like being somewhere at a set time.

This drives my husband totally crazy. He is one of those people who is always on time.

The only thing I am never late for is a work deadline. Go figure.

Birth Scripts

This pattern of behavior based upon a decision made at birth is called a birth script. They tend to be subconscious. I learned about birth scripts when I trained to become a rebirther. You can bring your unconscious memories about birth to your conscious mind with this process. However, just by thinking about the events of your birth and your life, you can probably see the correlation.

As described, mind is pretty clear: Subconsciously, I resent being on anyone else’s time but my own. I do not want to have anyone else dictate when I arrive anywhere—not even when I have had something to do with it or want to do something.

Here are a few other examples of birth scripts. During her birth, my daughter kept crowing and then sliding back into the birth canal, as if she was afraid to make her grand entrance. There was merconium in the fluid, which worried the doctor. So, a nurse got up on the bed behind me and pushed on my belly. This forced her out—against her will.

Much like her birth, my daughter tends initially to be timid about doing things. She takes a long time to get going. She’ll “crown a few times” before she jumps all the way in and gives something a try. Often she needs to be pushed through her fear, and then she’ll say, “Wow. I’m so happy I was forced to do that!”

I have a friend who’s son was a breach birth. Later, he used to sit in his toy automobiles facing backwards. As he got older, he often chose to do things in ways that seemed opposite, or backwards, from the norm.

As you can see, your birth affects how you live your life to a great extent. When you realize the correlation, you can make changes—or make new decisions—so you no longer allow your first experience in the world to dictate your behavior.

Can you identify your birth scrip had how it has affected your life?

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  1. this is so interesting, Nina. My mom was drugged when I was born, so she has no details of my birth. She just woke up and was handed her baby. This was in 1956, when women were simply subdued. How could I ever get details, having no memory of my own?
    Mare recently posted..N is for (Finding) Neverland

    • Sorry to take so long to reply! If your mom was drugged, you were drugged at birth. The drugs go into the baby’s blood stream. So that’s number one. Other than that, you might be able to get your birth records somehow. But your mom must have some idea…or your dad…if there were any issues during the birth itself.

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